Lucid Air: The Next Big Thing

Lucid Air: The Next Big Thing

Lucid Motors, a new automaker based in Silicon Valley, California, has decided to grab a piece of the pie and enter the electric vehicle industry, and it has done so with a bang! They’ve been giving major EV manufacturers like Tesla, Mercedes, and BMW a run for their money with their production of Lucid Air.


The Air is a spectacularly powerful electric saloon car. It has pushed several boundaries, especially when it comes to range, as it is reckoned to hold the longest range of any electric vehicle currently on the market.


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Going for Miles on End

Thanks to Lucid’s proudly owned battery technology, you’d be able to glide across countries on a single charge for an estimated range of 516 miles (830 km). In case you run low on battery, you can power up to 200 miles in less than 12 minutes, which is downright impressive to be honest.

One, Two, Sixty!

Absolutely mad! The Air can go from zero to sixty faster than you can count to 2! Not only does it boast a max horsepower of 1200+ with three motor options, single, dual, or three-motors, It can also reach a staggering top speed of 200+ mph. A true testament to how incredibly powerful this car can be.

So Small Yet So Powerful

When Lucid Motors approached the Air’s drivetrain design, an efficient use of space was their adopted mentality. They invented the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform or LEAP in an effort to miniaturize everything about the drivetrain except, of course, its power. The car’s compact electric engine is so small that you can fit it in a backpack, but at the same time, it can deliver great force when called upon.

A Dream Drive? More Like DreamDrive

DreamDrive is an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that helps the driver drive smoothly. It’s equipped with an impressive 32-sensor suite, which can detect objects better than a human can, and it’s the first system in North America installed with LIDAR (light detection and ranging). The system’s easy-to-operate interface uses color, text, and sound to provide the driver with information beautifully presented on the display.



Safety Above All Else

Lucid Air is constructed with the intent to be super protective, and that is evident in its frame, which is built of bonded aluminum for solid structural rigidity. There are 9 airbags spread around the car to further your sense of safety, in addition to laminating the glass canopy and windows in order not to shatter easily or break into large pieces.


Smooth on the Outside, Fancy on the Inside

Starting with its slick curves, down to its deluxe interior, Lucid Air has a unique design that’s marvelous in so many aspects.


Inspired by the dashing shape of aircraft, and with a 0.197 coefficient of drag, it’s easily one the most aerodynamic sedans around the globe. Designed entirely in-house, the Micro Lens array headlights are certainly worth mentioning, and so is the sweeping speedform tail light at the back, as they both harmoniously work to give the Air a touch of depth and sophistication.


The interior is where this car truly shines with exclusivity. It’s been meticulously crafted to be as spacious as a sedan can be, which was made possible by its unique drivetrain design. It’s not just roomy; the amount of storage space found in the trunk and the frunk (front trunk) will suit your needs and then some. Nevertheless, what makes it truly special is its glass canopy, an optional solid glass roof that almost spans the entire cabin, delighting the passengers with an uninterrupted panoramic view of what’s above.



This wondrous vehicle unravels advanced connectivity features capable of transcending your driving experience. For starters, you can expect to be greeted by the car, yes, you’ve read it right, greeted. Once you approach the vehicle, it will recognize your device through the Lucid mobile app and will start a welcoming sequence that automatically unlocks the doors, engages the lighting, and extends a handle.


It doesn’t end there, though, because once you get in the car, you’ll find Alexa! It can help you adjust your seat heaters, lighting, sunshades, navigation, and more through verbal command. Furthermore, if you’re looking to enjoy a concert-quality sound as you play your favorite music, Surreal Sound (Lucid’s available 21-speaker immersive audio system) has got you covered.


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